Elevator Modernization Service


Elevator Modernization?

For safer and more comfortable!

Ageing elevators with worn out parts need to be replaced in a timely manner to ensure the ride comfort and passenger safety. Otherwise, this wear and tear can result in the following safety and service deterioration: abnormal vibration, lift not level, loud lift machine noise, high failure rate, ageing equipment and so on.

In order to provide a safer and more comfortable ride experience, we continuously improve the system functions and provide the best quality service for our clients. Through our modernization services, we provide a new lease of life to old lift systems, regardless of the type of existing systems, brands, or models. This modernization service improves the reliability and safety of older equipment.

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What are Modernized Systems?

Short turn-around time.

4 main points about modernized system:


Modern VVVF control system can save power consumption by more than 30%.


Old cables are replaced to avoid distortion of transmission signals.


Car operating panel, car display, and landing operating stations are replaced together with the new control system.


Geared machines are replaced with the latest PM gearless motor for superb ride quality.


We tailor solutions to your specific requirements.

All existing lifts can be modernized: Solutions are available for traction or hydraulic lifts, AC or DC lifts, all brands and models. We provide solutions to your specific requirements.

Professional, reliable and efficient.

Chiher modernization team consists of professional, reliable and efficient. Our modernization process minimizes disturbance and inconvenience to tenants and visitors.

Modular Modernization Service.

If your elevator is still functional, but need the significant update of some systems to improve its performance, you can choose the modular modernization service.

By updating some systems to benefit from the latest technology and keep your elevator in line with the latest safety standards at affordable cost!