Voice Activated Elevator

In 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 has rapidly affected our day to day life. Considering this situation, elevator buttons turn a problem as it might carry the virus as being touched every time. In order to solve the problem, Chiher developed the "Voice Activated Elevator" system to make the elevator operation touchless.


Preventing Short Circuits of Buttons

The elevator buttons installed on each floor are constantly exposed to the surrounding environment. Moisture can form inside the electronics. Frequent usage also causes the button to age, and short circuits can develop. If this occurs, it can cause the circuit board to fail and even burn.

The board protection technology we developed can prevent the button power short circuit from spreading to other floors and therefore prevent an entire group of boards from failure. This effectively increases the service life of the boards.

LCD Service Tool

Besides usual functions, our service tool also provides the following functions and information:

  1. Travelling distance of (mm)
  2. Travelling time (0.1 second)
  3. Travelling speed during at emergency stop
  4. Travelling direction at emergency stop

Brake Failure Protection Function

Ageing conventional elevators will crash when the motor brake or its control circuit fails. Our CH-256 Control System will detect such failures and activate the protective function immediately. This prevents accidents resulting from the loss of control of the elevator speed.

When the protection function kicks in, the elevator will travel at a slow and steady speed of approximately 0.2 m/s. To ensure maximum passenger safety, the elevator buffer will bring the elevator to a safe stop at the end of the lift travel.

Taiwan Patents