Founded in Penghu Magong in 1998, Chiher provides elevator maintenance, repair, and service consultation for Penghu residents. We provide these services in accordance with our corporate values, "Delivering Exceptional Service with Integrity”.


In 2003, we started an intensive research and development program to design an elevator control system. Our first product, SCH-168, mainly used for passenger lifts. We started with local sales and then expanded to the Asia Pacific Region, including Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Subsequent growth took us to Dubai and Kuwait in the Middle East and then Nigeria in Africa.


In 2004, Chiher continued to develop a new generation SCH-568 home elevator control system. And within two years, we developed a "Brake Failure Protection" system, and obtained a patent for this invention. It provides users with a safer riding experience.


On December 2008, Chiher Elevator completed the construction of the Chiher Test Tower in Penghu, Taiwan. Which the highest speed can reach 180m/min.

The Chiher Tower can carry out the elevator test to ensure reliability, quality and safety in current elevator controller designs and address any failures that may arise.


Commencement of R&D on new generation control system, CH 256, in 2011.


In 2015, CH-256 controller system developed. At the same time, capitalizing on the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), we started the development of our eKeeper Smart Elevator System. The system monitors the elevator operation status in real-time, and stores this information in a data center for analysis. This development improves the service and safety of the elevator to a new level.


In early 2018, Chiher obtained two certifications, EN 81-20 and EN 81-50 and becoming the first elevator company in Taiwan to obtain such certification.

The elevator Absolute Positioning System (APS) has been developed and establishment of Matsuhi Elevator Co., Ltd. in Taichung, Taiwan in the same year.


Considering of COVID-19 situation, Chiher developed " Voice Activated Elevator" and “Touchless Elevator Operation” system to make the elevator operation touchless.

In 2020, we complete the eKeeper consolidate data on elevator operating status through various network interfaces. It then analyzes the big data on usage pattern and wear and tear experienced by the parts.

Brand Story

Chiher provides stable and steady elevator controller system for customers. We have long been devoted to the research and development of various safety equipment and technologies. Through the Cloud platform combine with the AI technology and preventive and predictive maintenance and servicing to cost down the maintains and reduces the elevator downtime substantially.

With over 30 years of experience in the elevator industry, we provide quality services, leveraging advanced technology to allow all elevator users to have a safe and comfortable riding experience.







Industry Company Limited

|    1998 Q2
Founded in Penghu Magong in 1998, Chiher provides elevator maintenance, repair, and service consultation for Penghu residents.

E.HERE Industry CO., LTD.

|    2007 Q2
Establishment in 2017. E.HERE research, design and manufacture on the new generation control system including elevator, hydraulic elevator, Home elevator and related systems.

Matsuhi Elevator CO., LTD

|    2018 Q1

Founded in Taichung in 1998, Matsuhi provides elevator maintenance, repair, and modernization service for customers.